Chaise Sofas Cheap Furniture Line Up

The year 2013 is ending and what better way to welcome the New Year than having your very own, brand new chase lounge? Kick back, enjoy the tube with friends and family!

Chaise Sofas – an online discount furniture Perth, offered a LOT of sales and discounts this year and they will never stop there (we hope!) Not only will they offer more sales and discounts, a totally new collection is said to be seen in their portfolio this coming 2014.

A survey has been made and so far, sofa beds came up on top of the “wish list”. Chaise Sofas might have these babies on hand by next year or they might have it pre-ordered. Here’s an image from their Fb Survey Ad:


They also have other options on their survey like the reclining Sofas:


Not a fan of classic sofas? How about this modern design?


You may join Chaise Sofa’s survey by liking Chaise Sofa’s FB page and commenting on the Survey thread!

Click here for the survey link.

 You may also their website ( to view their full range and to learn more about their products!



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