cheap furniture – Have break, have a sofa!

It’s that time again where every penny spent has to be worth it. You can invest into a lot of things, gadgets, appliances or even automobile but one of the best investments’ to something you can use daily to relieve stress!

Where else can you find a comfy 5 Seater lounge suite for only $799?? Give your home the relaxing touch it (and you) deserve!


Not only is the 5 Seater Micro Suede easy on the eyes, it’s easy on your pocket too! Choose from 3 earthy colours: Hazelnut, Saddle and Chocolate.

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Cheap Sofas for everyone

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At Chaise Sofas, you can find L shaped lounges that can be moved around to create infinite possibilities in your living area or office lobby. Not only that but you can also buy cozy loveseat for your office or receiving area.

waffle suede price

Chaise Sofas offer different kinds of sofas that’s good quality furniture but easy on the wallet. Why pay for expensive lounge suites when you can get them from Chaise Sofas at a discounted rate? These sophisticated sofas are available right now for collection or delivery from

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