Sofa Perth – Spacious Sofa for Spacious Room

So, you have a spacious living room or office and you don’t know how to make it look welcoming, the room seems lonely and bare.


Apart from adding small furniture here and there which are great for drawing the eye, people sometimes crave for the opposite effect, therefore, another tip to making your spcacious room look more comfortable and not too humongous is by painting 2-3 neutral colours on the wall which will make it seem smaller and cozier.

Adding a spacious Lounge Suite in the center will also not only fill the space but make the room balanced – and look pretty too!

Check out Chaise Sofas’ 5-6 Seat Waffle Suede Lounge Suite, for only $899 more people can sit down and have a relaxing time with you and your family!


Purchase the Ottoman separately for only $159 and make it an additional sit or somewhere you can rest your sore legs on after a long day!

Visit and contact them now to get more details or to place an order!


Lounge Suites For Sale

Chaise Sofas will be launching new collections this year so some of their existing collections will no longer be available once all sold out!


ONLY $799 with FREE Ottoman and Pillows! Comes in 3 neutral colours.

Contact Chaise Sofas to know which ones are phasing out! It might be the one you’ve been eyeing for a long time!

Visit now to get more details or to place an order!

Chaise Lounges Goes Micro. Micro Suede!

Hard times’ here again and we all must muster budgeting wisely.


For those looking for a sofa but is having second thoughts because of the price, we have a great suggestion(s) for you!


Furniture, especially sofa sets come in so many shapes, sizes and various materials. The most popular being the genuine leather but is very, very, very pricey! For those who still want to experience the luxury of having leather couches, you may opt to look at its substitute: Bonded Leather.


Check out Chaise Sofas’ 5 Seather Bonded Leather:


For only $999, you get the 5 Seater Couch, reversible Chaise and FREE STORAGE OTTOMAN! About 50%-60% price difference!


But we’re not here to talk about Bonded Leather, rather Micro Suede Sofa which is even cheaper and is best for families with kids or pets because of the fabric’s durability and stain resistance feature!


Chaise Sofas’ offering 2 varieties of Micro Suede Lounges:


3 Seater Micro Suede (love seat + reversible chaise + 2 zebra printed pillows)


And the 5-6 Seater Micro Suede (5 Seater couch + reversible Chaise + FREE OTTOMAN + throw pillows)


These babies are quick selling so if you want to see the range to get a personal feel of the fabric, visit Chaise Sofas website at now and give them a call to get more details!!