cheap furniture – Have break, have a sofa!

It’s that time again where every penny spent has to be worth it. You can invest into a lot of things, gadgets, appliances or even automobile but one of the best investments’ to something you can use daily to relieve stress!

Where else can you find a comfy 5 Seater lounge suite for only $799?? Give your home the relaxing touch it (and you) deserve!


Not only is the 5 Seater Micro Suede easy on the eyes, it’s easy on your pocket too! Choose from 3 earthy colours: Hazelnut, Saddle and Chocolate.

Contact Chaise Sofas to get more details or to place an order!

With the prices so low, couches fly off the warehouse so be quick and get in touch now!


Cheap Sofas for everyone

Do you know anybody looking for discount lounge suites? Well, you should consider suggesting this great furniture shop that sells a wide variety of cheap furniture online.

At Chaise Sofas, you can find L shaped lounges that can be moved around to create infinite possibilities in your living area or office lobby. Not only that but you can also buy cozy loveseat for your office or receiving area.

waffle suede price

Chaise Sofas offer different kinds of sofas that’s good quality furniture but easy on the wallet. Why pay for expensive lounge suites when you can get them from Chaise Sofas at a discounted rate? These sophisticated sofas are available right now for collection or delivery from

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Bonded Leather Sofa Sale

A lot of people are afraid of something new… of something they have less or no knowledge of and the internet is always the “go to” of people wanting to learn more about certain things.

For someone who’s been longing to replace their old couch and been saving up for a leather must have heard the term “bonded leather” which is basically leather made out of cow hide scraps mixed with synthetic materials to create leather feel.

While top and full grain leather has been more popular, Bonded leather is the latest “leather” — (almost) newest introduction to the market. Bonded leather is already in its second generation, the first being released at the beginning of 2007 and the latter coming to the market about 18 months later.

Though some may say that buying a bonded leather is a waste of money, it really depends on how you will take care of it as even genuine leather will crack/fade if not care/maintain correctly. Bonded leather sofas can last for years and years if well maintained.

Chaise Sofas offers a bonded leather 5 Seater couch with reversible chaise and storage ottoman, all for only $999 WITH ONE YEAR WARRANTY!!


Here are a few tips on how to take care of your Bonded Leather sofa:
-do not use bleach, oily substances or strong detergents
-keep ink, fluids, body oils, chemicals and sharp objects away from upholstery
-exposure of leather to sunlight or extreme light sources may cause fading and damage
-do not use any heat lamps or hair dryers on or nearest to the leather

Interested? Hurry and contact them now as these babies are their best sellers yet!
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Cheap Sofas, the Real Deal


Nowadays, nothing seems to be free, everything comes with a price tag, but with Chaise Sofas, FREE is still in their vocabulary!

If you order any one of their collections now, you may get a FREE DELIVERY WITHIN PERTH METRO! Think about how much you will be saving on gas or delivery fee! $50? $80? $100? That’s already worth a diaper, milk or lunch and/or dinner!

And no, they don’t sell over priced lounges; they sell affordable couches with warranty and BRAND NEW! How great is that!

So, why are they offering free delivery when they are already selling reasonably priced sofas? Well, it’s simple really… Chaise Sofas is a small FAMILY OWNED business. Meaning, they know what an average family goes through, with the expenses and hurdles, they want to help you get the best out of your well earned money.

Visit their website for a look at their collections or dial 1800 SOFA AUS (1800 763 228) to place an order!

Chaise Lounge Suite – Discount Furniture Perth

It’s been a while since we’ve posted an article and we couldn’t resist featuring Chaise Sofas’ L-Shape Waffle Suede Lounge Suite!

charcoal truffle flipped

This will be perfect for you if you’ve got a spacious loft or wide space in your office/receiving area! For only $899, you get this two pieces upholstered in a waffle suede in modern design with accent stitching. It includes a chaise extension and the matching cocktail ottoman can be purchased separately for only $159!

Why buy a second hand when you can have brand new with warranty? Quality and cheap sofas in Perth! Chaise Lounge Suites in Perth are everywhere but price and quality differs so order yours from a reliable store! Read testimonials from Chaise Sofas website and be sure to get only the best out of your hard earned cash!

Call them to place an order or visit the website for more details!

Mad About Cheap Sofas

love Ad2

Also available in this love Month are:

5 Seater Bonded Leather with reversible chaise

for only $999 – includes FREE ottoman and cushions. Available in Cream and Espresso colours.









L Shape Waffle Suede with reversible chaise

only $899 (ottoman can be purchased separately for only $159) Available in Charcoal and Truffle colours.








Call Chaise Sofas or visit their websites to know more about their products and/or to place your order!

Trending Cheap Furniture Perth

Chaise Sofas has leveled up!

Stocks are now available for wholesale!

Are you furnishing your house projects? An apartment building perhaps? Showrooms? Then, your search is over! Furnish your home, office or projects with Chaise Sofas!

Chaise Sofas have discount lounges and a broad collection from fabric lounges to leather sofas, Chaise lounges, modular sofas, bonded leathers and micro suede sofas, all under $1,000!

You read that right! Each LOUNGE SUITE comes brand new in boxes and each set is LESS THAN $1,000*!! Contact them now and they might even give additional discount(s) depending on volume of order!

*Shipping and setup fee not included, additional charge may apply.

Though Chaise Sofas only keep a handful stocks on hand for immediate collection or delivery, you may choose and pre order other designs from their website ( . You might also want to Like their facebook ( to get more details and updates such as discounts and lounge sales.

Sneak peak of a Sofa on hand:

waffle suede price

And for those who are looking to buy single lounge suite for their home or office, why settle for second hand when you can have a brand new with almost the same cost? With 1 year warranty, you can never go wrong with Chaise Sofas! All materials are high quality and designs are easy on the eyes (and, well, you already know it, pocket!)

Chaise Sofas can deliver ANYWHERE in Perth W.A! You may ring them at 1800 SOFA AUS (1800 763 228) now to place an order or to get more info!


Affordable Chaise Lounges

Hello everyone! How’s your New Year? Most people will be going back to work soon, Holidays will be officially over!

Know what’s not over? …Chaise Sofas amazing deals!!

You might have realized by now, how much you needed a new lounge, eh? A lot of people usually grasp the inevitable after throwing tons of parties during the holiday season and then afterwards see the difference in their once “presentable” sofa now a sad used up mess… true story!

Take this for instance, is tis script familiar to you? “Hey! I didn’t know how lumpy our sofa is until uncle Henry sat down on it on Christmas eve!” Of course the uncle’s name could be a whole lot different, it could be an aunt, cousin, grandma, grandad or what have you… but you know what we mean 🙂

And of course, it’s always a struggle finding the right sofa set, what, with a tight budget like most people have after the holidays. Why would you need to spend more than a couple thousand dollars for a sofa set just because someone popular says so, when you can spend LESS THAN A THOUSAND on a sofa of the same quality?

There are of course a lot of people/stores selling cheap sofas but after a while, you’ll realize why it was such a bargain! With Chaise Sofas, you need no worry about quality of the sofa that came with the attractive price tag as each set comes with a one year warranty!

Here’s a sneak peak of what they currently have on hand:


And a lot more are on the way; in a week, or so, including their best seller, 5 Seater Bonded Leather:


Better bookmark their website to get more details about their products and like their facebook to get updates!

Chaise Sofas Cheap Furniture Line Up

The year 2013 is ending and what better way to welcome the New Year than having your very own, brand new chase lounge? Kick back, enjoy the tube with friends and family!

Chaise Sofas – an online discount furniture Perth, offered a LOT of sales and discounts this year and they will never stop there (we hope!) Not only will they offer more sales and discounts, a totally new collection is said to be seen in their portfolio this coming 2014.

A survey has been made and so far, sofa beds came up on top of the “wish list”. Chaise Sofas might have these babies on hand by next year or they might have it pre-ordered. Here’s an image from their Fb Survey Ad:


They also have other options on their survey like the reclining Sofas:


Not a fan of classic sofas? How about this modern design?


You may join Chaise Sofa’s survey by liking Chaise Sofa’s FB page and commenting on the Survey thread!

Click here for the survey link.

 You may also their website ( to view their full range and to learn more about their products!


Lounge Suites for Sale this December




Have you seen Chaise Sofa’s Christmas Ad? 🙂