Bonded Leather Sofa Sale

A lot of people are afraid of something new… of something they have less or no knowledge of and the internet is always the “go to” of people wanting to learn more about certain things.

For someone who’s been longing to replace their old couch and been saving up for a leather must have heard the term “bonded leather” which is basically leather made out of cow hide scraps mixed with synthetic materials to create leather feel.

While top and full grain leather has been more popular, Bonded leather is the latest “leather” — (almost) newest introduction to the market. Bonded leather is already in its second generation, the first being released at the beginning of 2007 and the latter coming to the market about 18 months later.

Though some may say that buying a bonded leather is a waste of money, it really depends on how you will take care of it as even genuine leather will crack/fade if not care/maintain correctly. Bonded leather sofas can last for years and years if well maintained.

Chaise Sofas offers a bonded leather 5 Seater couch with reversible chaise and storage ottoman, all for only $999 WITH ONE YEAR WARRANTY!!


Here are a few tips on how to take care of your Bonded Leather sofa:
-do not use bleach, oily substances or strong detergents
-keep ink, fluids, body oils, chemicals and sharp objects away from upholstery
-exposure of leather to sunlight or extreme light sources may cause fading and damage
-do not use any heat lamps or hair dryers on or nearest to the leather

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The Therapist Chaise

Chaise Sofas - Lounge Suites Perth

Therapist Chaise – 


A great addition to any new home, living area is what my friend’s like to call the ‘Therapist’s Chaise’.

When looking for a cheap lounge suite in Perth consider what you want the lounge suite to function as.

A great conversation starter is this Chaise Lounge style Therapist Chair. These can be very expensive so a great alternative is a Chaise Sofa from Chaise Sofas in Perth.

Where to get cheap furniture?

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They are specialists in the L-shape, Corner Sofa design. The sofas look great and are super comfortable. Check out the testimonials on their website.

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Cheap Leather Lounge Suites with Chaise in Perth

Appeal to your modern sensibilities with this leather lounge suite collection in Perth. Available in the espresso colour, this 3-piece high-end Perth lounge suite features a reversible chaise with accent pillows and a matching ottoman.

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Cheap Deal on Espresso Leather Lounge Suites in Perth

Cheap Waffle Suede Lounge Suites in Perth

This Loung Suite in Perth collection from Chaise Sofa’s features two pieces upholstered in a waffle suede modern design with accent stitching from only $899. It includes a chaise extension and the matching cocktail ottoman is sold separately for only $129!

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Charcoal Waffle Suede Lounge Suites in Perth

Cheap Lounge Suites in Perth that are cheap in price but incredibly good value for the quality.

Cheap Quality Lounge Suites in Perth

Comfortably crafted Perth Lounge Suite covered in a plush microfiber. This collection features an extended reversible chaise and accents pillows . Each Lounge Suite also includes a plush cocktail ottoman for a pure modern experience. Available in Pebble and Expresso colours.

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