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Hello everyone! How’s your New Year? Most people will be going back to work soon, Holidays will be officially over!

Know what’s not over? …Chaise Sofas amazing deals!!

You might have realized by now, how much you needed a new lounge, eh? A lot of people usually grasp the inevitable after throwing tons of parties during the holiday season and then afterwards see the difference in their once “presentable” sofa now a sad used up mess… true story!

Take this for instance, is tis script familiar to you? “Hey! I didn’t know how lumpy our sofa is until uncle Henry sat down on it on Christmas eve!” Of course the uncle’s name could be a whole lot different, it could be an aunt, cousin, grandma, grandad or what have you… but you know what we mean 🙂

And of course, it’s always a struggle finding the right sofa set, what, with a tight budget like most people have after the holidays. Why would you need to spend more than a couple thousand dollars for a sofa set just because someone popular says so, when you can spend LESS THAN A THOUSAND on a sofa of the same quality?

There are of course a lot of people/stores selling cheap sofas but after a while, you’ll realize why it was such a bargain! With Chaise Sofas, you need no worry about quality of the sofa that came with the attractive price tag as each set comes with a one year warranty!

Here’s a sneak peak of what they currently have on hand:


And a lot more are on the way; in a week, or so, including their best seller, 5 Seater Bonded Leather:


Better bookmark their website to get more details about their products and like their facebook to get updates!


Chaise Sofas Cheap Furniture Line Up

The year 2013 is ending and what better way to welcome the New Year than having your very own, brand new chase lounge? Kick back, enjoy the tube with friends and family!

Chaise Sofas – an online discount furniture Perth, offered a LOT of sales and discounts this year and they will never stop there (we hope!) Not only will they offer more sales and discounts, a totally new collection is said to be seen in their portfolio this coming 2014.

A survey has been made and so far, sofa beds came up on top of the “wish list”. Chaise Sofas might have these babies on hand by next year or they might have it pre-ordered. Here’s an image from their Fb Survey Ad:


They also have other options on their survey like the reclining Sofas:


Not a fan of classic sofas? How about this modern design?


You may join Chaise Sofa’s survey by liking Chaise Sofa’s FB page and commenting on the Survey thread!

Click here for the survey link.

 You may also their website ( to view their full range and to learn more about their products!


Lounge Suites for Sale this December




Have you seen Chaise Sofa’s Christmas Ad? 🙂


Chaise Sofas – Wish List

Help Chaise Sofas serve you better! Visit and Like their Facebook page and choose what sofa you’d want to see on their product list!


Chaise Sofas Christmas Cheer

Chaise Sofas Christmas Cheer

Get a discount and some freebie!

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Chaise Sofas – Bonded Leather

Most of the time, we get so indecisive when it comes to purchasing anything that is supposed to last a long time. There are a lot of things to consider in making sure that whatever we purchase is worth every penny.

Top on the list of things we always have difficulty deciding on is furniture. Like Sofas for instance, what type do you need? Is leather better than fabric? Is the quality good enough? Will the price fit your budget?

Here’s one fact that will have you making your next purchase in complete confidence.

Myth: Leather furniture doesn’t last!

Fact: The fact is, leather furniture is something you buy for a lifetime. Since leather is a natural product, aging brings out its natural patina, making it even more beautiful over time. And since leather furniture is something you can enjoy for years to come, this is a purchase that makes a sound investment.

Chaise Sofas offers Bonded Leather sofas in different style and colour. Visit their website and contact them now to learn more!


Cheap Couches – Halloweeeeeen

Halloween may be more popular in other countries like US but it’s so much fun to celebrate, why not join the fun??

Buy candies and start trick or treating in your neighborhood! Have a Halloween party and dress up your living room with spooktacular ornaments!


You may also find that some of Chaise Sofa collections may be perfect for the part! Black, Ash or White coloured sofas are good choice for your Halloween inspired living room. After Halloween, it will still make your living room look grand!

Call Chaise Sofas at 1800 763 228 or visit their website to view their range!

Cheap Furniture Online – Delivery For You!



Unlike clothe shopping or groceries, when you buy sofas, it’s such a hassle taking it home! With Chaise Sofas, customer convenience’s one of their priority!

Aside from the fact that all you have to do is log in to, view their wide collection of QUALITY yet AFFORDABLE sofas, you can also have it delivered right on your doorstep!

Call them at 1800 763 228 (1800 SOFA AU) or visit their website for more details!

Cheap Lounge Suites Perth



What are you waiting for?

Chaise Sofas just received new arrivals of their sofas recently so you can be sure that each one is as brand new as it can be!

Warehouse is available for viewing. Simply call or visit their website to get an appointment.

Slate Modular Linen Versatile collection are still on sale…




The Micro Suede Chaise Lounge as well…

 ImageImageVisit Chaise Sofas now!


Cheap Sofas – Chaise Sofas Spring Cleaning



A picture worth a thousand words.

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